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Document Display Holder

You can be more organised and productive as you better manage information
We are specialized in designing product for manual information handling system.We manufacture products & provide solution for organizing, filling and presentation of information. For over 15 years, Infoaid has been the leading supplier of Document display holder and document organiser . We have designed and developed each model with the objective of saving our customers time and money by providing them with fast and easy access to the information they require every day. Wherever people work, alone or in teams, information has to be available, used, shared and protected. with this idea, We design and manufacture solutions, to cover the need of fast and easy access to information to ensure information is always available at your fingertips in the work place like office, shop or the industrial environment Document display holder help you to display several documents in one location. it is Widely applied when multiple documents need to be displayed together — e.g. at team corners, workstations, quality inspections.

Document Display Holder

Documenty Display System


Use Document display system to find and retrieve information that you use on a daily basis so that important information is always stored centrally and is always at your fingertips when you need it.
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Workplace safety signs


Maximize workplace productivity by placing important information at your fingertips with SOP Display Stand systems from Infoaid. SOP Display systems ensure an efficient.
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Floor marking safety tapes


Introducing Factory Display, a leading manufacturer of magnetic document display holders. With years of expertise in design and production, we specialize in creating high-quality, innovative solutions.
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