Small Parts Plastic Shelf Bins

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Plastic shelf bins made from durable polypropylene bins feature a molded-in label holder, built-in rear hanglock which allows bins to tilt out for complete access when on shelving. A wide hopper front allows complete access to the contents of the bin. Edges are reinforced for added strength.



  • Using plastic small Parts shelf bins , you can store anything that you want and easily find them later.
  • Plastic storage  shelf bin can be used as component trays to store different hardware components
  • Nesting design will save space when empty and easy during transport the cargo.
  • Made of high-strength polypropylene with reinforced bases, sides and rims.
  • Plastic shelf bin can be divided up either horizontally or vertically by its optional dividers for the perfect SKU management and can  hold up to a maximum of 8 SKUs
  • Width Divider, making the bin storage space more flexible.
  • Length Divider, dividing the bin according to your parts item.
  • Plastic shelf Bin Built with Rear Hanglock making bins match perfectly with the shelving system.
  • Clear Front Plate Allows easy access, visual identification and optimal storage capacity
  • The large label area is easily for barcode sticking.
  • Works with racking for maximum storage capacity.
  • Available in 18 sizes and blue colors


  • Outer DimensionW×D×H(mm) – 100×300×150
  • Accessory   –  Width divider & front Plate
  • Color – Blue, Red, Yellow
  • Material – PP


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