Arc Flash Protective Suit

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Arc Flash Protective garments are made of variety of fabric compositions meeting the stringent NFPA 70E standards. These fabrics give high comfort and ease of working for electrical workmen. The garments are made of unique coverall design. The complete garment is metal free.



  • Arc Flash Protective Suit to Protect workers from possible exposure to electrical arc flash
  • Safety apparel is made from a variety of flame resistant fabrics with certified ratings to assure the user maximum arc flash protection
  • This arc flash clothing kit is 8-cal (Hazard Risk Category 2)
  • ArcPro is more comfortable in terms of feelings , weight, flexibility, stiffness, itchiness And fitting.
  • permanent flame resistant performance and will not be washed out or worn away.
  • Provide More Durability as compare to common flame resistant fabric.
  • Fabric Material : ArcPro inherently flame retardant fabric
  • Standard Kit : Jacket, Pant, 8Cal Faceshield, 8Cal Gloves, in Kit Bag
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