SOP Display Folder

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“A flexible solution to organize, protect and display documents!”

Protect, organise, and visualize your documents. These sop display folder are complement for infoaid Document display system display and help you to configure your individual display system. Document holding folder offers flexibility, sturdiness and efficiency through its unparalleled level of quality. Multi Colored frame folder with clear sheet enhances the documents and makes it identifiable.



  • display Folder with one  side opening  for use with Document display system
  • Clear plastic Display folder protect your documents  from spills, smudges , dirt  and Documents can’t get wrinkled of folded
  • One-piece injection-molded polypropylene frame
  • matt anti-reflective Clear transparent plastic sheet for optimum transparency
  • A document in a display folder is completely readable and  can be photocopied
  • supply with clip-on index tabs incl. coloured paper inserts
  • Each panel holds 2 sheet of paper
  • Different frame colours allow perfect visual management
  • available in a range of colours like Red, Blue, Black ,Yellow, Gray And Green
  • Available in A4/A3 Size in portrait or landscape formats


Folder Colour Grey, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow and Black
Number Of Folders PP ( polypropylene)
Size A3, A4
Display folder Top Load Display Folder with one side opening
Accessories clip-on index tabs (order Separately)


Infoaid display folder Ideal for displaying technical information, instruction manual , safety hazard, product picture, Price List, catalogue pages, illustrations, photos, etc.

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