Chemical Protection Neoprene Rubber Gloves

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Reusable neoprene Rubber gloves offer premium protection against hazardous solvents. Reusable work gloves dipped in premium-grade neoprene to ensure outstanding quality and durability. Heavy-duty neoprene gloves are guaranteed to provide strong protection against caustics, oils, acids, and other harmful solvents



  • Neoprene gloves keep workers safe from chemicals, oils, and other hazardous materials
  • Has Maximum snag, Puncture and Degradation Resistance than natural or synthetic rubber
  • Made of 100% neoprene coating on natural latex that offers better chemical stability, and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range
  • A natural rubber and chloroprene blend for increased level of protection
  • Special Zig Zag finish for superior grip under wet or dry conditions
  • Silicone Free, hence leaves no residue
  • Flock lined from inside reduced perspiration, hence better dexterity
  • ideal choice for increased protection of hands against chemicals, oils, substances, and bio-fluids.
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