Photoluminescent Tapes

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Photoluminescent tape is a special type of tape that will actually glow in the dark. Photoluminescent tape  are very useful during emergency situations like blackout or smoke-laden conditions because the tape is immediately visible, providing a safe, illuminated evacuation path without needing any extra power source and enable hassle-free way to steer everyone to safety.




  • Photoluminescent tape Used for identification of critical equipment controls, light switch covers, exit and directional signage and  Especially for escape routes and stairways.
  • Glow-In-The-Dark tape clearly labels safety equipment and provides a safe, illuminated path through stairwells, halls, rooms, and other potentially hazardous areas.
  • Constructed from a flexible laminated film that is coated with ultra-aggressive adhesive and                      backed by poly-coated release liner.
  • The laminated film absorbs and stores energy from ambient light due to which it acquires the “glow in the dark” properties.
  • The product has excellent resistance to UV light and does not show significant degradation when used outdoors.
  • Glowing tape has an aggressive adhesive that will adhere conveniently due to the removable release liner to almost any clean, dry, smooth surface.
  • Tape can be easily removable with no residue after peeling off the tape.
  • Simple and inexpensive to install position, peel off the backing, and adhere.
  • Consistent glow life and unlimited rechargability with no maintenance.


  • Photoluminescent tape help to improve the safety in warehouses and manufacturing facilities to line emergency evacuation routes and even on emergency equipment.
  • Glowing tape is ideal is ideal for stair and egress marking.
  • Glow-In-The-Dark Tape ideal for use wherever people need a safe, reliable high and low-level egress pathway in case of an emergency, such as sudden power outages or the spread of smoke.
  • ideal for exit and directional signs, identification of fire alarms and extinguishers
  • Used in hotels, hospitals, schools, public facilities, office buildings and manufacturing plants


Plan Safety Tape

for general identification use, like marking of the rescue ways
Size : 40 mm x 10 mtr.Roll, 80 mm x 10 mtr.Roll

plan safety tape

Arrow Safety Tape

for marking escape routes
Size : 40 mm x 10 mtr.Roll, 80 mm x 10 mtr.Roll

arrow safety tape

Way Finding Tape

for safe routes to exite
for safe routes to exite (Direction right)
for safe routes to exite (Direction left)
Size : 40 mm x 10 mtr.Roll, 80 mm x 10 mtr.Roll

way finding tape

Diagonal Safety Tape

for indicating safe areas
for marking hazard areas and obstactes
for marking fire hazard areas
Size : 40 mm x 10 mtr.Roll, 80 mm x 10 mtr.Roll

diagonal safety tape


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