Metal shelving systems, and bin hanging systems make Storage  of warehouse Parts  easy and more efficient. our Steel Shelving systems are designed for storage of small parts that might normally fall through standard wire shelves. A Dual layer construction with double hemmed perimeter ensures maximum strength and durability for heavier equipment

Benefits of  installing steel shelving are

  • Items are more visible when store on shelf and can be located and accessed more quickly.
  • Larger items can be stored more easily on a shelf as compare to store in bins
  • More suitable for  delicate items  as chances of  likely to break reduced when store on shelf
  • Steel shelves can be placed against walls or in longer rows, and makes use of vertical space as well as horizontal/floor space.

We provide Solutions which  include  Storage Rack, Panel Rack ,Shelf Rack, Louvered Panel wall Hanging Systems, Rail Rack Systems, and Steel Shelving system

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