Modular Drawer System

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clever and attractive plastic modular drawer system for the office. Beautiful, stable and versatile as an individual unit on the desk to organise stationery as well as an ideal filing system.



  • The cabinet is designed with central locking system.
  • Modular drawer system can be used with different sizes of drawer in the same cabinet.
  • Multiple cabinets can be stacked side by side or on top of each other using interlocks
  • Special Stoppers are provided to stop the Drawers when opened fully
  • Different types of Interlocks are provided for interlocking cabinets.
  • Ideal for organising books, papers, documents, bits and pieces
  • Useful not only in the offices, but alsoat home, workshops, hospitals, banks/financial institutions, shops & showrooms.
  • Made from High Impact Polystyrene.


  • Cabinet Size – 310mm (L) x 325mm (H) x 388mm (D)
  • Drawer Size   –  D1 – 360 X 275 X 17, D2 – 360 X 275 X 40, D3 – 360 X 275 X 63, D4 – 360 X 275 X 88
  • Cabinet &  Drawers color – Beige ,Grey, Blue, Off White


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