Safety Eyewear

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Eye protection PPE is a type of equipment designed to prevent injury to the eye. it allow the wearer to handle potentially harmful chemicals without fear of damaging their eyes. revolutionary range of Protective Safety Eyewear comes with higher levels of personal comfort and industrial safety. The Safety Spectacles are CE certified.



  • Non-allergic soft co-polymer and Extremely comfortable for all-day wear
  • Protection from liquid splash & dust particles
  • Double injection frame with soft nose bridge for nasal comfort
  • Provides protection to eyes, brow and the area around while performing Task.
  • Integrated indirect ventilation allowing air movement
  • High impact resistant & UV protection
  • Anti Fog lens, Hard coating makes the lens extremely resistant to scratches and chemicals
  • 5 Base curve spherical lens design for wide field of vision
  • Lenses are easily replaceable.
  • The weight of the goggle is 75 grams approximately.




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