Tilt View Storage Bins

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Tilt view Tilt out storage bins are the answer to all your storage and organization needs! Tilt out bins are perfect for retail merchandising of small parts, storage solutions and inventory management for factory, hospital and shop. keep supplies organized, visible and easily accessible. Stackable and wall mountable. Pockets tilt out and stay open while in use.



  • Tiltview storage bin is deal for small hardware  parts and can be use  Independently
  • Made from material Resin plus ABS and break resistant
  • clear view of drawer serve as exhibition storage for goods
  • Front Inverted Design  forward (the open Angle is 55 degrees), Smoothly pulled out and closed
  • Front-end pluggable identification card, which can effectively classify storage.
  • These bin units can be free standing individually, mounted on walls, panels with hanging holes, or attached to other cabinet vertically with inbuilt slot
  • standard color:  Beige cabinet with clear drawer
  • Clear Tip Out bin System are available in combination of Qty 4,5 & 6 drawer


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