Emergency Exit lighting is required in most public buildings, hospitals, factories, and hotels, restaurant to ensure that exit & escape paths are adequately illuminated in the events of mains power failure. The EDG Surface-Mount LED Emergency Exit Sign is ideal for spaces that require an upgraded look in exit signage. Attractive, edge-lit design is suitable in office, retail and commercial spaces.

All LED emergency exit Sign are modular designed series using the best quality components and modern technology . The LED light has low energy consumption making it a smart exit lighting alternative.

Emergency Exit Light available in three level off safety‐mains operated, battery operated and photo luminescent modes. We are the leading supplier of Emergency Exit Light and offer a wide range of Emergency Exit Lights such as egress edgelit exit light, sleek exit light, surface mounted airport series, emergency led exit light, decorative exit and decorative egress route exit light for any requirement and different application.

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