Universal Face Shield

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universal Face Protection shields with adjustable headgear and headband. Face shield Spare replacement visor available. Face shield protects against medium energy impacts in extreme temperatures. Can be adjusted to fit all head shapes and situations



  • Universal Metal Bracket Face Shield for protection against high-speed impact from front and side.
  • Ideal For Use in Heavy Engineering Industry, Construction Sites, Electric Welding, And Chemical Industry.
  • High Performance Optical class 1 Polycarbonate Visor for clear and undistorted vision.
  • Visors and windows offer the multi-fit attachment pattern (or universal fit).
  • Removable visor for easy replacement.
  • Protective films on both sides prevent damages and scratches
  • Visor Thickness: 1.5 mm , 2mm
  • 99.9 % UV protection.
  • Size : 8” x 15 1/2”


  • Colors  –  Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Black and Grey colors on request.
  • Sizes    –   A3, A4, A5 and  A6 sizes.
  • Border  –  With Blue Border, Transparent Border


  • Shop floor of Industries like Engineering, Chemical, Pharma, etc.
  • Workshop areas – Signage’s in schools, colleges, factories. To display notices in Banks, ATM, Offices, etc.
  • To display check list in various places.


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