Stackable Shelf Bins

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Plastic Stackable Shelf Bins Store and Organize Medium and Large parts For Commercial Applications. Stackable shelf bins are designed of strong polypropylene to provide lasting storage containment. built in rear hanger allow bins to be compatible with shelving units and racking stystem . Optional cross dividers allow flexibility and keep parts organized. large molded front label slots for ID labels.



  • Stackable Shelf Bins are perfect for storing small parts and components in any industry
  • Stackable on each other and work perfectly with shelving units and racking stystem
  • Made of 100% virgin PP material and easy to clean
  • feature a raised front to ensure that the maximum amount of storage space is possible.
  • Reinforced wall ensures large load capacity.
  • The option of adding cross dividers is available to keep parts arranged in order.
  • have a molded spot where ID labels can be added for easy identification
  • stackable plastic shelf bin able to withstand under extreme temperatures.
  • Available in 12 sizes to store a wide range of different items


  • Outer Dimension  W×D×H(mm) – 117×300×90
  • Accessories   –  Label, Plasitc Cover, Divider
  • Color – Dark Blue, Light Blue
  • Material – PP


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