Quick Load Display Folder

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Ensures easy and quick insertion and replacement of documents

Protect, organise, and visualize your documents. Quick Load display Folder are complement for Infoaid Premium Series Document Display system and help you to configure your individual display system. Durable one-piece moulded polypropylene frames prevent bending like wire-framed pockets



  • improved display folder with both side opening are complement for  document display system units having  ABS moulded  bracket
  • Quick Load Display folder for single document display
  • Protects paper documents against dust, liquid spillage or improper handling.
  • Quick load pockets with corner closure and tops and sides open for effortless loading of Paper
  • easy insertion and removal of sheet without damaging paper
  • One Piece molded polypropylene construction that won’t bend
  • Anti-glare clear PP Sheet offer superior clarity and  helps to read the information on the paper without light reflection.
  • Clip on Index tabs and labels (sold separately) quickly direct you to the appropriate page.
  • Standard Easy Load folders  available in Blue and  Grey colour only
  • other colours like Black, Green, Yellow & Red available in bulk purchase only.
  • Available in A4/A3 Size in portrait or landscape formats


Folder Colour Grey and Blue only
Special Colour Black, Green, Yellow & Red (on Request)
Material PP ( polypropylene)
Size A3, A4
Display folder Side Load Display Folder with Two side opening
Accessories clip-on index tabs (order Separately)


Quick Load display folder Ideal for factories, warehouses, workshops, offices, showrooms, desks, counters, stores, kitchens. And Perfect for ISO certified companies.

Protects and organizes all frequently used documents. Like (Plans, maintenance instructions, procedures, directories, catalogues, price lists,…).

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