Rotary Tower Document Display

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Rotary  tower display unit is Ideal for displaying lots of information that need to be frequently accessed  and Display  information which can be shared by multiple users at same time. It makes finding reference information fast



  • Infoaid Rotary Tower unit is a 360 degree rotating display folders on stand  which gives Instant access to information
  • Rotary Unit mounted at convenient height on a Metallic Stand.
  • Stand available in stainless steel and powder coated steel.
  • Top unit Made from powder coated alluminium
  • Top unit Can also be Mounted on wheel for easy movement of  unit
  • ball bearing operated mechanism ensure a smooth rotation of top unit
  • Metal Stopper hook lock the folders at desired location
  • moulded frame PP Display folder available in multi colour which helps you to insert the document easily
  • Available in A3 and A4 size for folder capacity of 20 and 40
  • Simple assembly required


Folder Colour Assorted(Multi Colour) Folders
Number Of Folders 20, 40 Folders
Size A3, A4
Display folder Top Load Display Folder/Quick Load Display Folder
Mounting Bracket Powder coated aluminium
Stand Fixed Stand/on wheel with Castor


Ideally suited Ideal for hospitals, restaurants, industries, service Provider, travel agent,hotels,airports, Shop floor of Industries, Workshop areas etc.

Ideal for displaying Certificates & Notices in Banks, ATM, Offices, Photographs, Product Leaflets etc.

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